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Parents have been known to do some Fawked up things, but an Ohio woman got the shock of a lifetime when she found out that her husband was actually her father. Valerie Spruill shared her crazy story with the Akron Beacon, and judging by her recount life has been full of disappointing twists and turns when it come to the men, and women, in her life.

At the age of 9, Spruill found out that the man she thought was her father was really her grandfather;  while the identity of her biological father had been concealed as being a “family friend.” She also learned that the woman who came around to visit the family, was actually her mother—not the grandmother who had been taking care of her since she was an infant.

As it turns out Spruill’s mother, a woman named Christina, was a prostitute who testified in the 1980 corruption trial of Summit County Probate Judge James Burbato, who was convicted on rape charges.

Spruill’s uncle told her that she was married to her own father, and in 2004 she decided to take a DNA test just to be on the safe side. Sure enough, the test results confirmed that the mother of three and grandmother of eight tied the knot with her own flesh and blood. Her husband/father, Percy, married her mother when he was only 15, which is why Spruill was given to her grandmother. Percy worked as a truck driver and a parking attendant before passing away at the age of 60.

Now 60 herself, Spruill wants to publicize her story “because children need to know where they come from.” She has suffered health issues which she believes are a result of the stress of mistakenly marrying her dad. She now sees a therapist to help her deal with the discovery, and is not upset with Percy who likely didn’t know he fell in love with his child. “People who hate don’t get into heaven,” she said.

She’s also hoping to learn more about her long -lost siblings. “My biggest goal is to find them and let ‘em know that [their mother] loved them, no matter what, “And [to say], ‘Thank God she gave you away like she did me, so you could have a beautiful life.’”

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