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pacquiao-marquez-gettyFilipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has been catching hell since he got knocked all the way out by Juan Manuel Marquez this past Saturday. Since then, memes poking fun at Pacquiao have flooded the internet. Those memes aren’t half bad compared to what’s going to happen when the internet sees the video of him crying about getting put to sleep by Marquez.

During a post-fight interview in his native country, Manny and his wife Jinkee began to cry when they were asked about the fight. Jinkee started crying because when she saw her husband get clocked by Marquez, she became worried he wouldn’t wake up. (Pacquiao was hit in the jaw and if you get hit in a specific spot on the jaw, you can die.) Seeing his wife’s tears made them well up in his own eyes.

Pacquiao wasn’t crying because of the embarrassment behind getting knocked out. He was crying because he felt like he let his family and country down. The reporter responded to the boxer’s tears by telling him the country was him while he was on top and will continue to rock with him during this tough time.

Peep the video below.



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