According to, Baby “Birdman” Williams is facing quite a few problems. With Lil Wayne facing time in prison and B.G.’s legal woes, Cash Money CEO Baby talks about a possible Hot Boys’ reunion album, Baby added insight on the group members and their current issues.

During a recent interview with, Baby spoke on his feelings about “being without child” and B.G.’s financial status.

We got a hell of a plan and hell of a strategy,” he noted. “I promise you, you’ll think [Lil Wayne] never left the streets. It aint much about the music at this point with my son, like f*** the music. We got to go through something family wise, that the fans and nobody else will ever have to go through. This is the first time I will ever be without my child that means the world to me. This is where Blood stick together.”

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Baby also noted that B.G.’s current contract with Atlantic, which is co-promoting his forthcoming release Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood, may not be the best for B.G.’s life.

“I just talked to him. If you know B.G., he’s still in that jungle where it prescribes to carry tools [guns], or you can be the next n**** with a tag on your toe,” he said before adding more. 

Atlantic, release the lil n**** so we can try to get him so money. See, they don’t know how he’s living. I know how he’s living, so I was trying to say y’all let him go, let me take him, I’ma get him some money, I’ma bring him with me, he can come to Miami and be a part of everything we got. But they don’t know the significance of a n****’s lifestyle. They just think the n**** is a business. He already hurting, y’all aint doing nothing for a n****. I got love for him. I’ll bring him in and give him a life and a lifestyle, but now he’s heading for another life and another lifestyle.

In relation to other members of Cash Money’s past, Baby noted that his work has kept relationships with Turk and Juvenile getting better. 

Me and [Juvenile] spoke bout a couple of months a go for really the first time. Me and him talked and really honesty, I aint tripping and I don’t think they are tripping. N**** done got older and are trying to figure out ways to feed their families.”

So, what of the Hot Boys’ reunion album?

They recorded a whole album and we are looking to put it out for the summer time.”


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