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Dr. Cornel West is a very intelligent black man. However, he is reaching that stage in his life where he is never satisfied. Once again, West slammed President Obama for using Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s bible during the swearing in ceremony. Apparently, Dr. West is angry because he feels Dr. King’s bible is too special to be used in what he calls “pageantry.”

Dr. Cornel West went on another five minute rant about Obama facilitating war crimes and compared the actions taken by America during Vietnam to what President Obama has done in Afganistan. West then went all Tyra Banks and made the whole issue about himself. Cornel West says when people disrespect Dr. king’s bible, it’s like disrespecting his family because his family was so invested in the Civil Rights Movement and all of that.

While we appreciate the fact Cornel West is allowed to have his opinion, we’d really appreciate it if Dr. Cornel West sat down and let President Obama have his moment. Think about it. The first black President of the United States gets re-elected to a second term, that in itself is history, and West chooses that day to nitpick over Obama putting his hands on Martin Luther King’s bible. C’mon son! Although there is truth to what Cornel West said, it sounds as if he’s mad he couldn’t get tickets to the inauguration.

Cornel West lost a lot of his credibility when he joined Tavis Smiley on whatever futile witch hunt they’ve been on since 2008. Cornel West just comes off looking like an old surly man who has nothing better to do but complain. For that, we say have a damn seat!



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