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Lil_Wayne5Lil Wayne didn’t mean what he said about Lebron James during All-Star weekend, but the rest of the Miami Heat and the NBA? You bet he did.

“I don’t apologize for that night,” he said during an interview with a Miami radio station 99 Jamz according to Rap Radar. “I don’t apologize for being who I am. That’s who I am, and yes, I did say those things.”

“Only thing I do want to take back from saying that night, I said ‘F*** LeBron,’ I didn’t mean to say that because me and LeBron we are cool and I’m really cool with his mom and we have a real good relationship,” he explained. “That’s my homie but it just slipped out. I didn’t mean to say that. Other than that though I don’t take nothing back.”

He also confirmed that despite what the NBA says, he was definitely prohibited from being involved with All-Star Weekend. He said the league kept him from participating in a Gerald Green’s stunt dunk during the Slam Dunk Contest, performing with Alicia Keys during halftime of the All-Star Game and attending the game itself. The league told him that it was out of concern for the players.

Weezy said his issues with the Heat stem from a less-than-friendly exchange he had with Dwayne Wade at the Heat/Lakers game on Feb. 10.

I was at the game, rooting for the Lakers, saying ‘Chris Bosh you can’t hit a shot; D-Wade stop crying,’ I’m saying whatever I wanna say, I’m a fan of who I’m a fan of,” he explained. “Then Dwyane Wade comes over and he looks at me. I said, ‘Y’all don’t fuck with me, so I don’t fuck with ya’ll. Yall don’t fuck with me.’ [Wade] looked me dead in my eye and his exact words were, ‘We don’t.’ He didn’t say, ‘I don’t,’ he said, ‘We don’t.’ So I said ‘OK, well fuck you’ then. He said ‘well f***k you.‘”

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