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The number of artist wanting their voice heard in the city Indianapolis seems to get bigger every month. Naptown’s Next is here to stay in tuned and stand in the gap from what is on air and what is on the rise. With that said get up to speed on an artist named Bobby “Knuxx” Castro if you are not already. He’s very passionate about himself and “his real hip-hop”. If you like it and support it. Do so with your likes shares and comments!


Born in Brookyln,Ny Castro set out to be a Hip Hop producer,

interning and working for various underground NY artists..

being incarcerated for 2 years putting a hold on his

dreams Castro left the big apple citing NYPD as the main reason,

relocating to Indianapolis with the same dream in mind,Castro

began building up as an artist..

from pushing himself to make mind numbing

beats and off the wall lyrics, Castro prides himself in diversity,

Also with a highly intense and sometimes offensive persona..

you either love him…or hate him.

Priding himself also in being self produced and self made,

Castro considers himself a Beat maker first and MC second,

and always a loyalist to the culture.

New EP due out in May 2013, street singles like “HOLES IN THE DESERT” and “Refuse to Swag” are showing and proving he will not back down from his stance or his dream of making music.

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