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These freak teachers have no shame! One Bronx science teacher had a baby by the student she started chopping down on his 18th birthday after months of having sex with no condoms because she didn’t like how they feel!

Via NYDaily News reports:

A Bronx science teacher who embarked on a passionate affair with a student discouraged him from using condoms — and ended up pregnant.

Felicia Barahona, a 32-year-old teacher at DeWitt Clinton High School, began the four-month sexual relationship at her home on the boy’s 18th birthday.

The disturbing romance was revealed in a bombshell report by the special commissioner of investigation, Richard Condon, after the Daily News filed a freedom of information request.

Barahona, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, was fired in August — around the time she gave birth to their baby.

The relationship started during fall 2011 and quickly escalated into a sex-fest where the couple had intimate encounters “about five times a week, on weekdays and on weekends,” the report said.

When the student tried to use condoms, Barahona — who earned nearly $73,000 a year — told him “she didn’t like condoms” and “not to worry,” according to the report.

When Barahona found out she was pregnant, her young lover accompanied her to doctors’ appointments, he told investigators.

The educator had fallen so hard, she even bought wedding rings for both of them in the hope that they would marry. But they broke up after an argument in early 2012.

Sounds like she was kinda gwapped up and felt the time was right for a baby and a family — too bad she had to pick a STUDENT to be her seed donor. SMH. How come these broads can’t find a grown man to do the deed with?

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