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*Smh. We get upset with our kids for sure, but ex-Miami Dolphins’ Mark Duper took it to a whole ‘nother level recently, knocking his 17-year old son, Marcus

out…twice, during several altercations in the family home.

Of course he has been arrested.

Duper has been quoted as saying that the issue in his household was a “family matter,” and added, “This is not an open book. I have to deal with this within my family.”

Marcus’ mother passed away a few years ago.

The battle was actually witnessed by Dolphins’ defensive end Hugh Green who said that Marcus had actually started the fight “thinking he could beat his father.”  Green reportedly stopped by Duper’s home with his own 18-year-old son after attending a charity golfing event.

According to police records, Duper discovered that Marcus had sent his ex-girlfriend a menacing text message, which he reportedly denied, and soon after, the fight broke out.  According to The Florida Times-Union, the Jacksonville police report details how Duper allegedly “punched his son in the face one time because he wouldn’t listen to him about picking up his hat.”

Duper scored 59 touchdowns with the Dolphins. He was named to three Pro Bowls and became a two-time All-Pro selection; but his glory came to an end when he was charged with buying cocaine with an intent to sell it back in 1995.  He was acquitted.

Regarding the altercation with his son, he made bail, $5,000, and was released.



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