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Michael Jordan‘s alleged baby mama vows to continue her fight to prove the greatest NBA player of all time is in deed the father of her child … despite his legal attack on her.

As we previously reported Pamela Smith abruptly dropped her paternity lawsuit without explanation and Jordan immediately lashed out … asking the judge to nail her with his attorneys’ fees as well as sanctions.

Now Pamela’s getting specific … she did not drop the lawsuit because she’s waving the white flag — there was a technical legal problem with the docs and she plans on re-filing the paternity case STAT.

Pamela’s technical legal problem is actually amusing … before filing her case against Jordan, she forgot one little thing — removing her ex-husband from the birth certificate which lists him as the daddy.

The boy at the center of all this is 16-year-old Grant “Taj” Reynolds … an aspiring rapper.

At least he’ll have something to write about.


via TMZ

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