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Kerry Rhodes


OK, we have been trying to stay away from this story for several reasons, however with today’s explosive report from Bossip, this story has become impossible to keep ignoring. NFL Free Agent Kerry Rhodes has been fighting gay rumors for a little while now, and interviewers have consistently been asking him about the rumors or what he thought about gay NFL players coming out etc. Just like in the video below;

OK, again let’s reiterate that Kerry Rhodes has denied being gay in any way shape or form. Enter a guy named Russel “Hollywood” Simpson who claims to be Rhode’s ex-boyfriend. This man did not spill the tea, he turned the tea pot upside down and shook out every last alleged drop onto the table for all to see.

Rhodes, who as we previously discussed, is a free agent and this type of story could unfortunately ruin his chances of getting picked up by another team. So this being brought up now,  is odd if not cruel. You don’t just get to be in the NFL because you feel like it. It takes a life time of hard work and preparation  So, if this “Hollywood” guy was actually in love with Rhodes for real, why would he be so willing to throw this man under a bus? It’s not fair that things work this way in the NFL, but as for now, that’s the reality. Outting him smacks of opportunism and greed. It’s also very possible that this man is lying for a paycheck or to punish Rhodes for some reason. At any rate, here is some of what “Hollywood” had to say.

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