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Just like women, no two men are the same. When it comes to seducing a man, it really is a personal thing as to what turns him on and what doesn’t. However, some women have a preconceived notion that certain things they do in bed are turn ons, when in fact they are just the opposite. Don’t worry! In case you’re a little late to the unsatisfied party, here are the things you think are turning him on but probably aren’t.


1. Playing Really Hard to Get – [Read]

2. Faking It – [Read]

3. Playing with his Nipples – [Read]

4. Being Overly Loud – [Read]

5. Acting Childish in Bed – [Read]

6. Being Rough with the “Boys” – [Read]

7. Dressing Provocatively…Outside the Bedroom – [Read]

8. Bragging About your Bedroom Skills – [Read]

9. Putting Fingers in Unwanted Places – [Read]

10. Always Making Him make the first Move – [Read]

11. Accepting when you’re not Interested – [Read]

12. Yanking as Opposed to Stroking – [Read]

13. Making him Jealous – [Read]

14. Talking about your Past Experiences – [Read]

Still think you know what turns men on?

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