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Chicago gun violence was at an all-time high this weekend when 46 people were shot in the city. Of those 46, seven were fatally wounded, marking a bloody and unecessary start to summer.

Between Friday afternoon and Saturday, 13 people were shot, one fatally. And between Saturday afternoon and Father’s Day (Sunday), at least 33 people were shot. Six of those were fatal and the youngest victim was 16-years-old.

According to the Chicago Tribune, last year at about the same time, there were 53 people shot, nine fatally in one weekend.

But despite the large number of those wounded or killed this weekend, Chicago violence is actually at a low.

When asked whether this weekend’s shooting numbers cast doubt on the department’s crime-fighting strategies, Chicago police spokesman Adam Collins insisted they are working, noting the city has so far in 2013 posted its lowest homicide totals in years.

Collins also reiterated a position that police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has expressed publicly throughout the year when discussing the department’s crime-fighting efforts. “There’s going to be good days, and there’s going to be bad days, which is why we’ve been calling this progress, not victory,” said Collins, who pointed out drops in overall crime.

The truth is, however, the number shot this weekend prove that the crime rate isn’t low enough. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chicago at this time.

*Our prayers go up to the families and just the city of Chicago as a whole*

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