Inspire U: The Podcast

He already came through like a tornado in the industry, he’s already the CEO of his own company and keeps making hits.  Now he’s trying to tackle a new industry in 2010.

He sat down and spoke with about his plans to take over Hollywood like he did the rap game. 

I’m currently shooting a film with Nick Cannon that should be good.   I’ve worked with Nick Cannon before and we filmed a movie last year that will hopefully be released before my tour.  The other thing I was talking about with the TV shows was a role on the TV show “The Game.”  I’m also going to be in two more movies.  One I’m starring in and one I am just in.  Make sure y’all see the one I am starring in.

Currently Soulja Boy’s in the lab recording his third album The DeAndre Way, and he’s also gearing to put his C.E.O. game in full affect with the summer release of his artist J-Bar.

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