DJ Khaled HimselfDJKhaled

“My first reaction, I got to hear it in the studio so it was real personal. Working with Ace, it was amazing because it’s real life. Every record is real life. It made me real passionately say, ‘Yeah. Yeah, Ace. Yeah.’ Cause he’s talking real life. I love music that people can relate to and it’s an album that everyone is going to relate to.

Rick RossRick Ross

“Me just watching Ace’s growth. Like I said, Ace is a reflection of the movement. Soon as we got our foot in the door, we said we wanted to make sure we kept it open so we created that hashtag, #TheMovement. And Ace is a result of that. As you watching the MC going on his third, his fourth album; that’s a career, you know what I’m saying? It was going on . . . his first single was Gold, closing in on Platinum. At times like this you just let your music speak for itself. You know what I’m saying? For everybody that love that real street music, go and you support Ace Hood, you know what I’m saying? That’s how it goes. He gonna be around a long time.”

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How dope is this! Ace Hood will be at Z1079 Summer Jam on Sunday July 14th before his album comes will be on stores July 16th!


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