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Don’t sleep on the power of social media. As much negativity as it brings out in people, it can also bring out the best. Juror B37 was on her media ish yesterday when she first appeared on Anderson Cooper (see video below) and then revealed that she was going to release a book about her time on the jury for the killing of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman, a case that resulted in a not guilty verdict.

By the interview’s end, she says that she mainly wants to get the word out there that it was a very hard case to be a juror on (you know, since they deliberated for two whole days [insert eye roll here]), and what was presented did not make up second-degree murder. So along with her lawyer-husband — who is rumored to be good friends with defense attorney from the case, Mark O’Mara — she will explain why they came to their reasoning for letting Zimmerman walk free. Oh, and she wasn’t looking to profit from the book.

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Girl. Get your life.

Clearly I wasn’t having it, but neither were thousands of people on Twitter. One person in particular, @MoreAndAgain, was appalled that a book publisher would even think to want to put out a book of this matter, the killing of a 17-year-old child, so she swiftly created a petition which gathered over 1,000 signatures in the short amount of time. Take a look at the timeline below.

Of course, there were tons of people who tweeted their outrage for the book deal, but maybe it was the petition that put made the publisher rethink it. BuzzFeed reported that it was B37 who decided not to go through with the deal, but nah, bruh, get it right.

It’s exciting to see the power come together for good, but clearly we have a lot more to go with the justice for Trayvon Martin as well as the rest of our people who have to endure the injustices that are faced.

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