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112 Promo Photo


R&B group 112 had some of the sexiest songs about the interactions between a man and woman. If you paid attention, they taught a great deal of young men about the joys of bowing at a woman’s altar on “Peaches & Cream.” Although one of their biggest hits, “Anywhere,” was all about making sex fun by changing the scenery. If you were an adventurous young adult, you probably tried some of these. (Don’t lie!) Check out eight of the places Mike, Daron, Q, and S-L-I-M wanted to blow their shorties’ backs out.

1. Bedroom

Couple Having Sex In Bed

2. Waterbed

Woman On Waterbed

3. The Hallway

Madonna In The Hallway

4. The Stairs

Sex On the Stairs

Sidebar: Pete Campbell must have slipped on the wet spot.

Pete Campbell Falling Down Stairs

5. The Shower

Sex In Shower

6. Patio

Queen Latifah Hugged Up on Balcony

7. Kitchen

Sex In The Kitchen

8. Black Mercedes S500

Black Mercedes


Truthfully, how many of these places have you crossed off your list?


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