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Just in case you were looking for a new gig, here’s some great news. According to the National Ledger,Jay Z and Beyonce are looking for a new nanny for their 18-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

The power couple doesn’t want just anyone caring for Baby Blue though, they are requesting a nanny who speaks fluent French and who’s willing to travel around the world with hip-hop’s royal family. Honestly, how can we apply?

Jay and Bey are enlisting the advice of famous friend Gwyneth Paltrow in the search for the perfect nanny. But we here at GlobalGrind thought we’d help them streamline the process by writing down some of the (imagined) requirements needed. Here they go:

Must be able to recite bedtime stories in one take – Jay Z is famously known for laying verses in one take without writing them down, so this nanny has some difficult shoes to fill.

Need to have an awesome alter ego with an equally awesome name – We all see the greatness that is Sasha Fierce, so get ready to bring it.

Keep a pacifier on hand just in case Kanye West and his daughter Nori stop by – We don’t need North (or Kanye) fighting Blue for her binky.  (Just kidding!)

Must have broken at least one record – Not only have Beyonce and Jay shattered records of their own respectively, but Baby Blue has also joined the ranks by becoming the youngest person to appear on the Billboard music chart. Try that on for size.

Must know how to navigate throughout Brooklyn seamlessly – We know that Jigga put BK on his back and has been carrying it for sometime now. The borough is also home to Blue’s auntie, Solange.

Must be willing to throw up the dynasty sign if joining this Roc-la-familia.

Have to be in shape – Seeing that Beyonce has literally one of the hottest bodies in the game, and has joined First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move Campaign,” the prospect will surely need to keep fit.

Must be an art connoisseur – Baby Blue has a budding art collection that rivals some of the elite. Papa Jay confirmed this in his smash hit “Picasso Baby,” saying “Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen counter. Go head, lean on that s*i$ Blue, you own it.”

Know just what to say to get Rick Rubin off the couch – Come on, we all saw those Samsung-Magna Carta commercials….

Side Note: Must be able to perform all tasks in 6” heels – Have you ever been to a Beyonce concert? It speaks for itself.

Surely, the prospect has some big shoes to fill, but we all know the perks will be well worth it (if you have any doubts of this, check out Beyonce’s amazing Tumblr page). Get your apps in now!

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