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You’re probably no doubt aware that “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story” is set to premiere on VH1 next week

Well, ahead of that debut, TLC (T-Boz and Chilli), the subjects of the TV film, made a stop at the Power 105 “Breakfast Club” to dish on all the drama they’ve faced and give an update on the group’s future plans.

They spoke on past financial issues under Pebbles’ management, plans to get back on the music scene, and why they decided to do the film. The duo also discussed the casting for the movie, particularly plucking Lil’ Mama fort the role of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and the negative attention she received.

“First of all this is my thing, It just gets on my nerves that people would hold one thing she did,” Chilli said about Lil’ Mama’s surprise cameo during Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ 2009 MTV VMA performance. “She didn’t do a Kanye West. She didn’t go up there and snatch a mic and be disrespectful. She was just standing on stage. Who cares? Get over it.”

The interview transitioned into the ladies’ past and present relationships, so you know the crew just had to ask Chilli if she would ever date Usher again.

Check out the full interview below and also watch their medley performance on Good Morning America below.

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