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This family took matters in their own hands! The dramatic moment an uncle carried his terrified and bloodied niece to safety after she was kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned Louisiana house was caught on camera.

Bethany Arceneaux was taken hostage on Wednesday evening by Scott Thomas, her ex-boyfriend and father of her child. A few hours after Marcus Arceneaux was pictured carrying his niece from a vacant house in Duson, a police swat team entered the building and Thomas was found shot dead.

‘Friends and family actually came into contact with the victim and the suspect in or out of the house,’ Lafayette Police Corporal Paul Mouton told KPEL. ‘There was a confrontation at that point. During that confrontation, the victim was freed,’ he said, adding that Arceneaux was said to be in ‘good condition other than some injuries that she had received’.

The couple have a violent history revealed in several police reports. She filed several reports alleging domestic abuse and also filed a restraining order against Thomas.


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