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I am not my hair, or am I? It used to be a yearly ritual that I would cut my hair, and when I say cut, I’d CUT it super short…like Nia Long wore hers in The Best Man (the original). Now, I’ve gotten so wrapped up in this perception that longer is better, that I allow this fear to keep me from making any drastic cuts. What about this natural phenomenon. Everybody’s doing it, but why? Is it because it’s a trend or because it’s healthier? No offense, but natural isn’t naturally for everyone.

I’ve been “natural” since 2010. When I say natural I’m referring to me being chemical free, no relaxer. I know some consider natural as being just that- no heat, no chemical, no nothing, but my problem is, I end up looking and feeling like Ceily from The Color Purple. No offense to my naturalistas out there. I’ve done the wash-n-gos, twist outs, but I prefer a straighter look. So, I tend to keep an iron out but honey, my iron outs are laid! Lately I’ve found pleasure in sew ins. I never thought I’d see the day I’d love being “unbeweavable.” Having Kids, a job, and a household is enough, let alone having to deal with my natural hair that has a mind of its own. Where do I turn? Weave. It’s convenient, it’s my protective style, and I love having the ability to switch it up! Natural hair wearers, do you have a fave style? A protective style? Relaxed ladies, what’s your fave style and do you ever consider taking the natural route?

I think one thing that remains the same with me, perhaps I am my hair to a degree. My confidence sky rockets with certain styles, particularly longer plummets with unkempt hair or on a bad hair day. That’s real! I’m confident, but looking good makes me feel that much better! It’s completely okay to feel some type of way depending on your hair type or style, but don’t let that make or break your self confidence. Don’t strive to be anything other than beautifully you- with or without your hair! Until next time loves!

-Ms EKlass


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