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With the holidays upon us, and money at stake, high profile retailer Barney’s wants to hurry and erase that bad press they got around the whole racial profiling thing a few weeks back.

So they finally found time to sit down with Jay Z, who at first wanted to meet with them about a fashion collaboration; but now, met with them to give input on formulating a plan for an internal council to deal with the whole profiling issue.

A source told WWD/Women’s Wear Daily, “There’s cooperation there. The council is a work in progress. It’s an internal advisory council that Jay Z is going to be a part of.”

The rapper-entrepreneur is also said to be involved in “creating new guidelines for the way the retailer interacts with the New York Police Department.” According to an internal memo obtained by WWD, Barneys will now employ the use of audio-video surveillance to monitor its security room and keep a record log of officers who use the closed-circuit TVs in that room.

As for their continued work with the police department the retailer stated, “we recognize the need to cooperate with the NYPD as they address criminal activity in our city and within our locations. However, those needs must be balanced with ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected at all times.”

The department store will now require officers to provide reason and description of individuals they wish to place under surveillance.

Guess now we’ll just have to wait and see how that works out.

Let’s file this in “pending” and give Hov an “A” for his efforts in the meantime.

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