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It was the show at the show.

Tuesday night in LA at Staples Center, Queen Bey, Beyonce, was holding forth for her loyal subjects and a host of celebs who were in the house.

One of them was comic/actor Kevin Hart, who found his way to the Beyhive stage so he be as close as possible with his queen. Now you know when the little funnyman is in the house, hilarity follows him like a shadow.

So during the brief break in her show, Beyonce to the opportunity to throw towels out to her fans. Well Mr. Hart couldn’t stand being left out and started screaming “Give me a towel! I want a towel!” Bey found her way to where he was stan-ding (pun intended) and wiped her face with the towel and threw it to him. Oh my, at that moment it probably took everything lil man had to keep from passing out. :)

Later he posted on this his Instagram account:

That moment when you realize that you know the words to all of Beyonce’s songs…. #iFainted #iWasInTheBeeHive #iThinkiTwerkedLastNight #iWasLostInTheMoment #F-ckYall #ShowWasTheShit

Check out some snaps and footage from the happening below:

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Check out the hilarious moment via video:

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