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Right-wing blogger Dixon Diaz (pictured) is claiming that the picture he took of President Barack Obama (pictured below) with his hand down the pants of his youngest daughter, Sasha (pictured), is an actual photo. The poorly photoshopped picture has gone viral, and in spite of the harsh backlash that Diaz has received thus far, he is defending his work as a legitimate depiction, according to Addicting Info.

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In order to disprove his naysayers, which include many of his followers, Diaz posted two photos side-by-side: on the left is Diaz’s photo, and on the right is the alleged actual one.


Still, at first glance, it is evident that Diaz’s picture is a phony. According to Addicting Info:

Diaz claims that the second photo was taken just “seconds before or after” the original. If that were true, then Sasha Obama is growing at a rate faster than any child in history. Her one arm alone would have gained several inches, in a matter of seconds. Her legs (from waist to knees at the bottom of the photo-shopped picture) appear to have grown even longer, even faster.

Diaz tries to explain the difference in Sasha’s height by suggesting that “maybe she went down a step.” The only problem is that if you measure Sasha’s legs, arms, and midsection, these areas completely change in proportion, from one image to the next. President Obama’s arm also becomes miraculously longer in Diaz’s photo-shopped picture. So does his tie… The easiest way to tell that the image has been doctored, without even measuring the key points, is just to note how much the photo-shopped picture blurs in certain areas, especially around Sasha.

Diaz, who writes a popular blog, Libtards, has throngs of followers and many of them even lambasted him for doctoring the Obama photo and implying molestation.

Obama has been subjected to blatant ridicule and disrespect since he took office and is likely the most-disrespected president in the history of our country.

Diaz’s abhorrence for Obama has sunk to a shocking level of utter depravity with his fake photo, and hopefully, his “followers” will see him as one of the dregs of society whom they should disassociate themselves from asap!

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