Listen Live Graphics (Indy)


It’s 2014 and #NaptownsNextReloaded is officially started here! We got a brand new artist and song with brand new opportunities on deck. First up SILENZE. SILENZE is an Indianapolis Hip Hop artist for over 10 years who is currently booking a nationwide tour. Check out his latest “I’m A Ride” below

Alright now here is where it gets real! If you want this song on B-Swift’s Tweet It or Delete It, it must have a MINIMUM of 1,000 Page Views. Not 1,000 Likes, Shares, Comments or Retweets…1,000 PAGE VIEWS! SILENZE has officially til December 31st to get to 1,000 Views for a chance to played. Also, remember, SILENZE won’t have another song on #NaptownsNextReloaded reloaded until he achieves the 1,000 view mark. Let him know your support is real! LET’S GO!