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Damon Dash is going in on the media for what he calls its racist ways!

The Roc-a-Fella founder hasn’t been too happy with the coverage about his finances.

And he expressed just that while on trial for a lawsuit against him from his ex Linda Williams.

Dash and Williams have a son Damon Dash II, and she’s suing him for $1 million — after he had her arrested in 2009 under false pretense.

The two have been battling for custody over their son for years.

But he hasn’t been only dealing with the custody battle. He clearly doesn’t like his portrayal in news media.

During his trial, he glared at two female reporters covering the courthouse drama which got him a rebuke from the judge.

“I can’t look? Nothing wrong with looking,” Dash said to the judge.

When outside the courthouse, he ranted that the news reporters are “racists” for always negatively portraying him.

“Why don’t they ever write good stories about black men?” he asked a New York Daily News reporter. “Because you are a Republican racist newspaper.”

He ended the argument with the reporters with, “all I care about is how good I look. Later.”

With an Instagram photo of him and his legal team, he expanded on his views about news media — calling out certain New York City media outlets.

“The New York post and daily news are some racist motherf—ers they always try to make a black man look crazy unless he is a corporate puppet….I’ll show you the scumbag writers after they put this stupid story up…so much court for nothing.”


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