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DISCLAIMER: This is a rare moment that I myself will take time to make someone important for a few minutes. However if I’m going to do it, it’s going to benefit the brands I represent. There is no W for Twitter and Facebook Rants for me. My job is to make these websites the talk of the town…So, here’s what’s going on in the town right now.

I don’t need to name drop who we’ve helped and when because it’s all on the site and you can go an ask those artist. Period. One thing we will never respect or tolerate. Is uneducated, slanderous and blatant LIES about what we’ve done or not done for this city and it’s artist. Period. If you have haven’t really reached out to us or if you haven’t read and followed directions, then that’s on you and your team. Not Us. We are not here to make sure you are the next musical icon, cause we don’t get paid for that. We are not your managers, PR or your mentors. If you can’t get it done or if you are not getting it done right. Find a better solution BEYOND social media slander and lies.

With all that said…I was made aware of this, this morning.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 10.08.18 AM

This is where it started

We Lame? It’s F**k us? Ok. Let’s get to the bottom of this though. Check out the Photo Gallery below. Then tell us what you think and what went wrong here? How many questions were answered in this ordeal? And I purposely left dude name off here for the slight chance somebody would Google him and play his music. You’ll never get that type of shine on my watch famo….ever.

Stunt-Tastic Rapper Rant Exposed [PHOTOS]
12 photos

Now for all the answers that were impossible to get…

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Not this time but next time Imma name names – LL Cool J

Don’t make me expose you to those that don’t know you – Jay-Z

Do not bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you. I don’t know why your advisers aint forewarned you – Jay-Z

YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS! I BEEN DOING THIS MORE THAN YOU! You ain’t been doing the education…- Kanye West

Let me be clear. Anything with this dude name or association on it will get NO LOVE as long as I work here. Don’t even tell me you at dude studio. Naptown’s Next Reloaded will continue on but, anybody jumping out of they lane to paint us in a slanderous and disrespectful light will now start getting reasons to. I’m not honoring any TCOM Thugging.

And for you cats that I know I’ve personally looked out for dating back to 2010 yet, y’all STILL talking bad on the station..Same rules apply. Hit my line if it’s an issue cause I KNOW you got it. Anybody ready to talk and display facts I’m listening. – CamQuotes

Check all his rap names if you know him..and you will find that he hasn’t been on the site all year…Possibly ever. There is probably going to be more photos coming soon.