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So, last night there was a goings on in NYC that had the ability to introduce Battle Rap to the main stream masses called “Total Slaughter 2.” In a world where more than half of the “rhymers” in Hip Hop don’t even bother to try to make the words in their lyrics rhyme anymore, this genre of Hip Hop is something that is needed and honestly it’s a tradition that should not go away.

One of the things that still plagues the battle rap sector is that it’s not shiny and pretty to look at. People have been seduced into a world of  proper camera angles and faux scenarios as it pertains to Hip Hop. Long gone are the days of grit and grime that present day main stream artists may spit about but no longer appear to truly represent. So last nights “Total Slaughter 2″ was many things but it wasn’t that. Viewing it over the internets gave you the feeling of watching The Hip Hop Hunger Games!

We are currently in this Twilight Zone type of existence in Hip Hop where the ratchet is what everyone talks crazy about and yet we tune in each week for more. Last night “Total Slaughter” was able to keep the ratchet viewing audience entertained. Even if all they did was jump on Twitter and diss it, it was still discussed (and will continue to be discussed). And those same people are going to watch it next time too! Even if they some say differently they will…because it was a spectacle for them. And the spectacle is what they are drawn to. We applaud that…you know why? It’s simple. If they are drawn to what actually IS Hip Hop…they may learn to turn away from what IS NOT! Get it?! We thought you would!

Sway was the Ringmaster for the lyrical circus and he should be commended for doing the very best he could to keep the acts within the ring and the parameters of what they were supposed to be doing, which was to spit and entertain while not sucking!

So, now that all of that is out of the way…check it out for yourself in the video below and see if you agree!


Now for those of us who routinely attend Hip Hop shows both small and large we understood what was happening. There is a rule of thumb as it pertains to live shows like Total Slaughter–something will go wrong.  They were plagued with issues from a Pay-Per-View feed that crashed and never returned, to emcees that came on to the stage dressed like the character Spawn (No really that happened!) and a few emcees who refused to continue to rap or even to rap at all. This is all true.

There were mic issues and even a battle that was billed to be an awesome rematch between to major battle rapper’s who had met in an epic war of words before, but seemed woefully unprepared to meet again last night.

Even the major match-up had its problems. And yes there are those waking up today mad at who won, who didn’t win and who they felt was cheated as it pertains to the Joe Budden Vs. Hollow Da Don battle and everyone has their own personal opinion about Budden today.

But that is sort of the point.

EVERYONE and their Grandma Bessie is talking about this thing today! Love it or hate it…watched it or didn’t…everyone has had the convo today about what went down!

So were there issues? YES of course there were. And kinks are to be expected as they are just getting underway with this thing. Sometimes mic or sound issues come up, you just do the very best you can and you work through it. And yes, in battle rap there IS booing, you just have to roll with the punches on that too. And apparently in Battle rap people come out dressed like comic book characters then strip down to boxers and lay down on the stage and refuse to rap. But that too has its merit.

In the end even what seemed like losses will become wins…we’ll go grab our popcorn and wait for it! Should be interesting!




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