Music is so different than it once was. Granted, there are plenty of artists out there who make, appreciate, and represent good music, but there are also those who well…DON’T. Yeah, I said it. Remember that music that made you groove as soon as it came on? I mean, 3 seconds play and you’re already like “heck yeah, that’s the cut!” That’s the type of music I miss. I miss that r&b music where the fellas/ladies were actually sangin’ their butts off! They didn’t sing, but they SANG!! What about that music that takes you back to the days at the roller rink, linking up with your people at the park, and everything in between? Well…here are some tracks that take me back to the good ol’ days. Check the vids out below, take a walk down memory lane, & enjoy!

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-Ms EKlass


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