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So I’m seeking to find GREAT content and really talk about something other than hip-hop and I come across these photos. Now, I don’t want to change the temperature of your life right now but I do want to offer some encouraging words to everyone aged 13 to 43 or older if you need to hear it. You are indeed beautiful just the way you are. Why? Because you are a beautiful person!

Since Instagram and other social media outlets it seems that people are feeling worse about themselves with every passing day. As technology brings us closer together it seems that it depresses a majority of people based on the likes and comments that are shared daily on your favorite social media outlet.

Don’t let these artist, entertainer and strippers give you a false sense of reality. No one is physically perfect unless YOU deem them to be that way. Your beauty will only be a deep as you see it. You having a personality and being an individual of high character is going to get you a lot farther in life than having six-pack abs or a super huge booty that is that way because it’s surgically enhanced. I know, It sounds crazy especially at this time in life where we as a site do a lot of posting on Kim K, Nicki Minaj and  Beyonce and for the ladies Chris Brown and Idris Elba but, believe me, nothing “physically positive” about you is going to make sincere people be in your life forever. WHO you are will do that.

If you have kids, tell them they are gorgeous, brilliant and that they can do anything they believe in. Then, walk to the nearest mirror and tell yourself the same thing. Be Positive because being positive is “The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World! Word to Keith Murray!

Look at these photos and be encouraged to love yourself as you are. I didn’t create the gallery. I just found it and I am sharing it with you.

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