WALMARTI guess Walmart labeling their women’s plus size Halloween costume page as “Fat Girl Costumes” might not bt the smartest sales technique just days before the trick-or-treat holiday.

According to E News, “They discovered that when you search for plus-sized Halloween apparel on Walmart’s website, you will find many options, like a witch or a sexy maid. You will also find that these particular costumes are under the label “Fat Girl Costumes.”

Needless to say, consumers were outraged by the scandal taking their thoughts to social media. Twitter users expressed their voices of anger toward the company with Tweets saying:

”Fat Girl Costumes”? Really, @Walmart? Who thought that would be an appropriate title for a public sales page? Come on.”


In a statement released Tuesday morning, “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again,” a Walmart spokesperson said.

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