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So…I thought I’ve witnessed everything until this point. I came across a post with the headline “Offensive Halloween Display Removed From Ft. Campbell Home.” I’m a bit nosey at times, and wanted to see more. I wasn’t prepared for the photo though – an African-American family hanging from the tree in the front yard. There’s even a younger child with a knife in his/her back. Has the world gone mad? I understand racism is alive and well, but this took things to a whole new level for me. I suppose the person/family who displayed such filth got what they wanted – publicity. All publicity isn’t good publicity though, and let me just say, the display was ignorant beyond words and disappointing. It seems as though we’re always moving two steps forward and another step back in our society when it comes to racial concerns. This tomfoolery took things way to far.

Click HERE to see the display.



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