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Two young mothers arrested in suspected murder for hire plot

Two young mothers have been arrested in a suspected murder for hire plot. Police say they wanted a man dead and were willing to pay to get it done.

According to Fox 2, the two met with a man in Waterford and investigators say the teens were looking to hire. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said one of his deputies went undercover and met with 18-year-old Mia Rae Buscemi and 19-year-old Dallys Emery Vogel, both of Waterford. The pair brought $2,000 in cash to the meeting.

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The women were arraigned on November 6.

Both are charged with one count each of solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Both teens can get life in prison if convicted. Both also have babies under the age of one.

In November 2013, Mia Buscemi was pregnant when the baby’s father Wesley Gilmore 16, was shot and killed in Flint. A check of social media reveals Buscemi responded to a web report of Gilmore’s murder indicating she believed she knew who killed her baby’s father. Oakland County detectives won’t say who the intended target was in this attempt at murder for hire, but they do say Buscemi and Vogel wanted a man in Flint killed. Both Vogel and Buscemi are being held at the Oakland County Jail in Pontiac on a $100,000 cash only, no 10 percent bond.

Michigan ban on same-sex couple benefits rejected

A judge has thrown out a Michigan law that bars public schools and local governments from offering benefits to same-sex partners. Detroit federal Judge David Lawson stopped the law with an injunction more than a year ago. In a final step, he declared it unconstitutional Wednesday.

Lawson says the law is based on “an irrational prejudice.” The 2011 law was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. It prevents public schools and local governments from offering benefits to unmarried partners of employees, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

Supporters say it was aimed at saving money, not punishing gays and lesbians. Critics say the law in practice hurts gays and lesbians almost exclusively.

Armed robbers fire at police, get arrested after chase on foot

Detroit police arrested four armed robbery suspects after a chase that began on the city’s west side, ending in Redford. Officers responded to a report of a robbery at a gas station at west 7 mile and Grand River, finding four suspects at the scene. In a chase on foot, suspects fired shots at officers, but none were injured. Eventually three men were caught and arrested.

A fourth suspect was captured with the help of a Michigan State Police’s canine unit in the 19000 block of Brady in Redford. During the chase, no officers fired weapons at the fleeing suspects.

Redford man says police beat him after noise complaint call

Redford Police take a man down with tasers on his own doorstep. They said he was resisting arrest. He has a different story and he’s provided FOX 2 with exclusive surveillance video that he says backs up his claims. Carl Leatherberry said the only reason police were in his neighborhood was because a neighbor complained about loud music. Instead, he wound up tased and in handcuffs. It happened in the early morning hours of August 10th. Leatherberry thought he was the victim of a crime. But as he’s being led away in handcuffs, he realizes police think he’s the criminal.

Leatherberry and his family were in the driveway of his home celebrating his birthday. In the video below, you can see a police car pulling up in response to the noise complaint. In police reports, officers said when Leatherberry came out to talk to them they could smell alcohol and he was angry.

Eventually the officers leave but according to police reports they don’t go far. Just ten minutes later, the party ends. Leatherberry walks out the side door and slams it shut. At the same time, a 911 call is received. The caller reported fighting and gunshots in the area and the police are back and watching from a nearby yard.

In the video, you can see that Leatherberry doesn’t even flinch as police shine their flashlight with tasers on target. He’s tased three times and arrested. Police say because of reports of gunfire they weren’t taking any chances but Leatherberry says it was personal. The charges of resisting arrest and drunk and disorderly were dropped as he pleaded no contest to a disorderly person charge. He wants to see what a judge says in civil court says about the case and plans file a lawsuit soon.

Clean and surveil program to help clean up graffiti in Detroit

The city is calling graffiti a scar on the city that needs to be wiped clean. The suburban scribblers slink into Detroit and leave their garbage markings everywhere, on everything. Instead of going after the taggers, the businesses are getting caught in the crosshairs. Mayor Mike Duggan is getting tough on graffiti by first ticketing business owners who are getting tagged.

Belda Garza said she can’t keep up with the taggers that hit her building. Now she’s asking why she should get a ticket when the police should catch the taggers.

Only Local 4 was there Wednesday night as city officials took questions from concerned business owners about the city’s soon-to-be announced “clean and surveil” anti-graffiti program.

The city is already ticketing property owners for having graffiti on their buildings. If they choose the “clean and surveil” program the owner can agree to place cameras and lights towards the problem area. The city will then clean the graffiti and try to catch the culprits. If no action is taken, the property owner is hit with a $130 fine. In West Vernor and Springwells there are few tags and lots of murals. The businesses there pool their money to clean up the graffiti themselves and want to make sure the city doesn’t go after murals.

Father of 10-year-old boy caught ‘sexting’ speaks out

According to Fix 2, one local father discovered his 10-year-old son was sending explicit photos to a young girl. The man wants to make sure he doesn’t do it again and blames himself.

“A mother has called me and said that my son, which is our youngest son, was sending very dirty, naughty messages to her daughter,” the father said. “Pictures of his private part area. And I was totally shocked and apologetic, it pretty much floored me.”

“I really didn’t think that he had that in him.”

“Sexting” as it is called, has gotten teens and adolescents in trouble across the country with some even facing criminal charges.

Children may think it’s harmless and do not seem convinced that it is a crime.

“I’m very disappointed, ashamed, embarrassed that he did this,” said the man. “Totally unacceptable, I don’t play that. I’m very strict as a parent. He should know better, he’s 10 years old.”

The metro Detroit father is scared about what could happen to his son. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Department has received the complaint and the case is under review. This parent is trying to be proactive and is holding his son and himself accountable.

“It’s very serious,” he said. “I take 100 percent responsibility for this.”

FOX 2: “If you had to do it all over again, would you give your 10-year-old son a cell phone.”

“No,” he said. “You’re almost putting a gun in their hand. We probably took it for granted. Put trust in them where we probably should not have.”

The father thinks that some of the charges should be given to parents of youngsters who sext, for not monitoring it.

He is punishing his son for what he did, and he thinks that it will help.

“I’m doing my best, closed his Facebook, he has no phone,” the man said. “He’s going to go to counseling.”

The boy also donated $25 to an anti-bullying organization. Plus, he’s taking a computer course on “net etiquette.” This father is refusing to hide what his family is going through – wanting to talk about the lesson he learned and hoping to help others before it happens to them.

“And it’s a hard lesson learned for me I’ll tell you that,” he said. “He’s 10 years old, we have to put things into perspective here. Come after me. I’m his dad and I have his back, but if he screws up I’m going to make sure that he’s held accountable.”

The family is hoping that other families talk about sexting and uses them as a lesson. The boy may be facing probation according to sources but the investigation is in its preliminary stages.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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