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I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Bill Cosby and of course the timeless masterpiece known as “The Cosby Show.” However, there is no denying that things are not looking good for Bill Cosby. A throwback video of Bill Cosby’s standup routine shows the comedian joking about drugging women.

Unfortunately, Spanish fly isn’t a new thing in the entertainment industry. The Beastie Boy song Brass Monkey includes lyrics about putting the drug in a woman’s drink. The song’s lyrics state:

“This girl walked by, she gave me the eye

I reached in the locker, grabbed the Spanish Fly

I put it with the Monkey, mixed it in the cup

Went over to the girl,”Yo baby, what’s up?”

I offered her a sip, the girl she gave me lip

It did begin the stuff wore in and now she’s on my tip”

Model Janice Dickinson, who also claimed to have been raped by Mr. Cosby, has now released photos of Cosby in a robe. Dickinson claims they were taken the night the alleged rape went down. Here is a link to the TMZ website where you can see the photo of Bill Cosby in his robe:

So what do you think Nap? Did he do it?

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