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Social media. My how much it’s taken over our lives. I see relationships, gossip, pictures, emojis, news, and more all with one click or scroll. It always makes me smile though to see people using social media as platforms to be vocal on serious situations. I took to facebook and it was a comment by a familiar local tattoo artist that struck my attention. It was direct, thought-provoking, and unfortunate. Why unfortunate? Because it was so real yet like the rest of social media, will either be overlooked or forgotten after one click. I received permission to quote him so here it is. Please read the following:

“It’s safe to say that yall falling for the trick….smh I never seen so much racial hatred in my years of life…I get along with every race…the media knows what they are doing…they put emphasis on certain subjects to brainwash u…they show u the negative so u think negative…wake up…you don’t know about the good that cops…whites…blacks…Asians or anybody does for one another…because that’s not gonna make “good news” nobody cares about that…my people are so gullible…it’s sad to say…don’t consume yourselves with the negative…yall can come together to destroy rather its gossip…social networks…looting…but how much good have you done?? How many families have u helped? Have u done anything to help??? Hell I did a food drive to help the less fortunate and MAJORITY that helped were white but yall don’t see that…Look in the mirror and start with yourself….the ignorance on my timeline is heartbreaking…get right with yourself and with God….pick up some literature and read..educate yourselves and stop feeding into the media and believing everything u see on social networks…..raise your kids in equality and pray together…..I’m out….bless”

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