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Bow Wow Blasts Al Sharpton for Selling VIP Passes at Protest

It looks like Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) protest held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, December 13th, was far more rocky than planned.  According to various protest attendees, Reverend Al was actually selling VIP passes which would allow people access to stand close to the stage where he and other speakers addressed the crowd.

Various individuals who attended the massive gathering complained that NAN officials were threatening to call security on protesters who were standing too close to the stage without a VIP pass.  Deterring protesters from feeling welcome at a public gathering, regardless of if they had a VIP pass or not, ultimately defeated the purpose of having a rally to raise awareness about the police injustices in the United States.  The fact that VIP passes were actually being used in this type of situation was very upsetting to many individuals to begin with.  To top it all off, merchandise in the form of “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts was being sold at the rally, which many people found to be offensive because they don’t think that this situation should be something that people profit off of.

Out of the many voices who criticized Al Sharpton, Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, was one of them.  In the past, he’s come down on Reverend Al for being anything but a genuine civil rights activist, and this time he bashed Al publicly on Facebook for selling VIP sections and also “selling cameras to make money during the march.”  Like Shad, some who attended the actual rally stated that they believe Al and his NAN organization were using this opportunity as a media promotion for them, rather than with the intent to actually bring something positive from it.

K. Michelle’s Bodyguard KOs Fan

“Love and Hip Hop” star K. Michelle had a close encounter with a touchy-feely fan … that is until her bodyguard knocked the guy out cold.

Sources close to K. tell TMZ, the fan — who they say appeared to be drunk — approached the reality star at her hotel early Sunday morning, but when the guy got rude and too close, she warned him to back off.

TMZ says the fan wouldn’t leave and continued trying to touch K. Michelle … so her bodyguard punched the guy in the face and it was lights out.

Cops were called, but before they arrived the fan came to and then bounced, so authorities will take no action.

Fans Drag Kim K for Cropping Out North West in Instagram Selfie

Kim Kardashian’s name and reputation is often one that is met with a fair blend of love and hatred, but when she chose to post up an Instagram photo of herself with her daughter’s face clearly cropped out, fans had no other choice but to side with the latter.

Kim recently took her adorable daughter North to go see Disney on Ice alongside Ciara, baby Future, and a variety of female friends along with their children. Aside from posing for the camera in one big happy toddler-filled group picture, Kim also posed for another photo which only featured her and her daughter. However, instead of leaving the picture as a token from a precious memory of a time spent between mother and daughter, Kim decided to fly solo and crop out little North.

The obvious photo edit caught the eyes of virtually every one of Kim’s 23.4 million fans, and sparked a tidal wave of slanderous comments that doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. People roasted Kim for being a narcissist and caring so much about her own image that she would decide to strip her daughter from an image taken of them together.

However, Kim stood up over the negativity and asked if it was wrong for posting a photo given she was “feeling” herself.

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