January 11, 2015: Last night gunman RUSHED THE STAGE at Chris Brown’s concert in San Jose yesterday – and started SHOOTING at the R&B singer. We confirmed that Chris Brown did NOT GET SHOT!!! But this is the SECOND TIME this year . . . that gang members tried to ASSASSINATE Chris Brown. Three months ago, gang members shot at Breezy – for not paying up on his GANG DUES . . . and Suge Knight took the bullet for him.

5 clubgoers were shot – 4 are still in VERY SERIOUS condition.

Now we’re told that the men trying to MURDER Chris – were gang members also.

Here’s what we know SO FAR. A tipster explained:

It was a gang that was fighting with some of Chris Brown’s people. They tried to rush the stage and they couldn’t. All of a sudden they started shooting.


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