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“If you fear opportunity opportunity will fear you. If you embrace opportunity then opportunity will embrace you.” – @xxlowens Instagram

@xxlowens Instagram


We made it to third the Friday in 2015 and it is time to unwind. Let us get rid of the fears that are holding us back from having a great new year. We ALL seek to have many doors open for us this year and the number one destroyer of those possibilities is…fear. Most of the battles we fight comes from within and the number one enemy all of us struggle with is fear. Fear will have you shackled up in bondage and unavailable to embrace the opportunities that could take your life to the next level. Please understand fear is not to be confused with being conscious. Wisdom is highly advised when it comes to making a decision as to which opportunity you take. Wisdom is simply “knowledge in action”. Put that knowledge in action when it comes to making a decision but do NOT let fear keep you from that opportunity. We ask the Creator time and time again to send the opportunities we desire but we refuse to take the initiative to embrace it. Opportunity will NOT embrace us if we do not embrace it. Have a heart of gratitude, patience and diligence. Get rid of fear and doubt. 2015 is an amazing year and you must embrace its many treasures. Free your mind of fear and embrace the many opportunities.

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