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Pussy-bow blouse hottest trend for spring 2015

Pussy-bow blouse hottes trend for spring 2015

Your style is the first message people understand before you open your mouth. Whether we like it or not what we wear & how we wear it sends across a message describing  who we are. Our style leaks what our taste are and what we are willing to invest on ourselves. With ‘Wild Style Wednesday’ I plan to introduce trends and pieces that I find cute, trendy or different than what most people are willing to wear. I want to see the men and women of Indianapolis and anywhere else that may be reading this to move outside the norm. Try putting risky items in their closet that they would not normally wear.

The first trend that I have been keeping my eye on is the 70’s inspired “PussyBow Blouse”. I have been seeing different boutiques sell them but they never display the name. I have been looking all over in stores to find this blouse but its so hard to find due to the fact its a vintage style. I feel like this blouse will add a sense of flirt to your business/professional outfit. My belief is that DETAILS and FABRIC are so important when it comes what you wear. This blouse will give everyone something different to look at when you walk into the room.

One Instagram page that sells vintage items that also sells this blouse is @VintageRuby1970

"La Eva" PussyBow Blouse sold by @VintageRuby1970

“La Eva” PussyBow Blouse sold by @VintageRuby1970

"La Fuschia" PussyBow blouse sold by @VintageRUby1970

“La Fuschia” PussyBow blouse sold by @VintageRUby1970

"Eva Laurel" PussyBow Blouse sold by @VintageRuby1970

“Eva Laurel” PussyBow Blouse sold by @VintageRuby1970

"Delta" PussyBow Blouse sold by @VintageRuby1970

“Delta” PussyBow Blouse sold by @VintageRuby1970

Click here to shop VintageRuby1970 and click here to check out her Instagram page.

Let us look even better in 2015!