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ISIS published a kill list that consists of 100 military members’ names, giving Americans instructions to murder them all. The names, posted by the Islamic State Hacking Division, were allegedly obtained by hacking military servers, emails, and databases. [Daily Mail]

Two suspected gunmen have been arrested after their alleged attack on the Tunis Bardo Museum that left 25 people dead. There is a third attacker at large but authorities are sure he won’t get far, as they have surveillance footage to aid them in their search. [BBC News

A body was found stuffed in a plastic barrel near City Hall in California. Authorities believe it was 64-year-old Ronald Sauvageau, who lived in a nearby mobile home park, that was killed. A man was arrested on suspicion of murder shortly after the body was discovered yesterday afternoon.[ABCNews

Ricky Jackson endured 39 years in jail, even though he was innocent, and now he’s being paid handsomely for the mistake. Not only will he be paid at least $1 million for wrongful imprisonment, he is also set to receive money for lost wages, attorney’s fees, and other expenses. [BuzzFeed


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