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Sunday, August 09 was the anniversary of the tragic police shooting of Mike Brown, an unarmed teen in Ferguson, MO. The shooting case caused Ferguson, MO to erupt in violence as police and protesters began to clash. After the shooting, a corrupt and racist government was exposed and leadership was forced to change hands in the city. To honor the one year anniversary of the tragic shooting, peaceful marches took place all day Sunday in Ferguson but the protest took a turn for the worst after shots were fired late last night.

Protesters began to throw rocks at police when an unidentified man in his 20s allegedly unleashed a “remarkable amount” of gunfire on police using a stolen handgun, as reported by a police chief Jon Belmar.

“We cannot continue, we cannot talk about the good things that we have been talking about, if we are prevented from moving forward with this kind of violence,” he said.

The man involved in the shooting was last reported in critical condition. It’s imperative that we continue to keep our communities in prayer. As more details develop, we will inform you. More protests have been planned.



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