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Would you let your child get Plastic Surgery if he’s being bullied?

Inside Edition:

First-grader Gage Berger often dreaded going to school because of the mean things other kids said about his ears.

Berger told INSIDE EDITION what the children say: “That I look like an elf and I have weird ears.”

“I just don’t want to be made fun of,” he said.

His parents, Tim and Kallie, also have heard the taunts. Sometimes when their son looked in the mirror, he tried to push back his ears, just to see what he’d look like.

His parents feared the bullying could permanently damage his self-esteem, so they went to facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Mobley, in Salt Lake City. The doctor performed ear surgery on Gage.

The doctor used a wooden block-like toy to explain how he’d reshape Gage’s ears. “You don’t have that nice little inner tubular part, so we’re going to recreate that,” the doctor told Gage, showing him the model.

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