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kylie jenner and tyga car shopping in calabasas

Just when you thought the love affair between Kylie Jenner and Tyga had reached unfathomable heights, guess what, people? There’s more!

This past weekend, Kylie took time out to show off her plush $2.7 million crib on her new app. Of course, she took the MTV Cribs route and displayed her kitchen, bedroom, and more. In addition, she flaunted a picture of her boyfriend, Tyga. Doesn’t sound weird, right? Well, the photo that she decided to get framed was Tyga’s mugshot.


The mugshot dates back to his 2012 arrest in Vegas stemming from a warrant for a traffic ticket. To make matters worse, his photo sits underneath Kylie’s picture of her grandmother, Esther. Kind of creepy, if you ask us.

Despite being entangled in a web of media scrutiny, Kylie and Tyga continue to go against the grain and push forward with their relationship. From Tyga’s Kylie-assisted video “Stimulated,” to a bunch of fancy birthday gifts, their love remains intact and for the most part, inexplicable.


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