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To shine in the best light possible from all angles is a goal all women want to reach for. A lot of women are unaware how to highlight and contour the face to give them the perfect photo shoot ready look but this article will focus solely on highlighting.

Why should you highlight you ask?

Well, highlighting helps to keep you looking awake especially after a long night of partying, being sick, studying, working or whatever your night consist of. No one wants to walk around with dark circles and baggy eyes. The goal is to have a beautiful natural looking glow, bright opened eyes and look like you are vibrant to go.

Here are two tips that will get you started:

  1. Cover up those dark circles- Using a small flat eyeliner brush, apply a powder highlighter,  following the “V” from the inner corner of the eye to the tear duct.
  2. “Pout-ty” Mouth- With your pinky, dab a tiny bit of liquid highlight just above your cupid’s bow.

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Source: Marie Claire

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