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Rick Ross

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According to sources, Rick Ross latest album ‘Black Market’ was recently pulled from shelves of Walmart. It has been reported that they were removed because of a lyric in one of Rick Ross’ songs about assassinating Donald Trump.

“That was one of the first records I actually wrote over the summer I was incarcerated,” Ross told Billboard “I recorded it the first day I came home. I wanted the album to feel like you’re walking into a room and just completely open your mind to all the possibilities. Everything is a go, so I made the title ‘Free Enterprise.’ It costs you nothing to dream as big as you can. My feet are on the ground and I just wanted to take you through my timeline. It most definitely [set the tone] and I recorded it the way it played out in my mind.



SOURCE: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/6813912/rick-ross-black-market-donald-trump-lyric-walmart

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