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Draya Michele Hosts Compound

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What started as encouraging words from Draya Michele quickly turned into a full out petty social media war.

Kinky, one of the infamous Taz Angels (a club promotion group based in Miami) posted her New Years resolutions on Instagram.

@Kinkyissofly told her fans that she would be leaving the girl crew after eight years of devoted partying:

First day of a new year. It’s just another day but for many it represents a fresh start. I am really excited about the year ahead. For me it’s a completely new chapter. After 8 years of being an Angel the time has come for me to move on to something else, something new. There is no story behind this, no crazy “real" reason you need to waste your time trying to figure out. I love the Taz's Angel family but my journey is taking me on a different path. Leaving close friends and moving on to something else is terrifying but something tells me that this is the right time and the right thing to do. I wish Taz and the girls nothing but the best. I love you and I am grateful for everything we have shared, everything I have learned. From the business woman I’ve grown into, to the thick skin I have had to grow due to social media. Speaking of about social media – it's a great platform offering opportunities. But it has also become a platform for some of the ugliest human behavior. A place where bullying and harassment is tolerated, where name calling is normal. For the past few years I’ve had to accept being called some of the worst things because that is what goes with the territory. I’ve realized that by accepting it for myself I am also accepting it for others. When you cowardly go online and hide behind fake accounts and names, when you create forums, chatrooms, create pages where you discuss people and label them this and that, it doesn’t end there. It will forever haunt that person because what you put online is stored there. It's is horrible that I even have to speak on this but I have never been for sale, nor is there anyone out there that can claim they have bought me. Yet some of you think it’s ok to write comment and posts calling women on social media whores or whatever suits your fantasies or stories. I take responsibility for the image I have portrayed and will portray to young women around the world. I want to thank all my rydas for your incredible support and love. You have no idea what it has meant to me. I am happy to have you by my side as I start this new chapter my in life. 2016 is going to be amazing 🤗💙🐰 Happy New Year Guys😘

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Draya took it upon herself to seemingly encourage the woman on her path….but it wasn’t taken very well.

Fellow Taz Angel, Cat, defended her teammate by saying that Draya insinuated Kinky was a hoe.

And followed up with, ‘My number is still the same.’


Apparently there is a long history of pettiness between these two.

The Shade Room captured the drama:

#TazAngels #Kinky ain't here for the messiness! #Cat #Draya (view previous post)

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Cat elaborated on the beef even more in this video, saying that she respects any woman’s hustle, but she is not here for calling someone else out because of their grind:


I mean, if Draya did mean it in a patronizing way, that would be really hypocritical because she definitely started from the bottom…now she’s….here.

Do you beauties think Draya was subtly throwing shade?


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