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Durtty Boyz - Famous Friday 4/24/15

Source: Michael Adeyeye / StarterCAM

Either this is a really sick attempt to get Instagram followers or someone has leaked the footage of Bankroll Fresh‘s death.

A cell phone video has surfaced online of an apparent shooting rumored to be the exact night Bankroll Fresh was killed in front of Street Exec’s studio.

Retweeted and Reposted Twitter and Instagram comments are alleging that the shooter responsible for killing Fresh is a well known local rapper.

If you listen closely you can hear a few gunshots, then hear two men exchanging words before shots rang out again.

“Trent,” (gunshot is heard)

“What did I even do?” (inaudible – but it sounds as if the first male is asking the second male.)

“Nah, f*ck that,” (a second male says before rapid shots fired.)

We will let you be the judge by clicking and watching the video here but so far, police only have the surveillance video from the surrounding cameras outside of Street Exec’s as a lead.

Meanwhile, the studio is not in business and front door has been boarded up.

We are continuing to watch this investigation closely and will keep you posted as updates come in.

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