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First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks At Event Celebrating 20th Century Art

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

Newly elected Donald Trump hasn’t had his inauguration as President yet but that hasn’t stopped people from already trying to figure out who his 2020 replacement should be.

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Based on the internet, it seems majority of people on the internet seem to want current first lady Michelle Obama run for President in 2020.

On Twitter, some people are already using hashtags like #MichelleObama and #Michelle2020, while posting custom-made campaign pictures to encourage her to run in the year 2020.


On Instagram, people are doing the same thing, as people continue post custom-made campaign pictures to encourage her to run in the year 2020.

#Obama #michelleobama #michelleforpresident

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Part 2 of the Obama's in the White House #imhereforit #obama #michelleobama #2020president #her #getintoit #stayawake

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Michelle Obama has easily become one of the most beloved political figures in history during her husband Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House, so it easy to understand why people want her in office.

However, the only problem is that back in March, she said she had no interest in the job.


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