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Thanks to my job, I was able to work the pre-screening of Hidden Figures & I had a chance to stay to watch it.

Here are some thoughts:


1) Hidden figures weren’t just the numbers but the fact they had black women working.


2) Not only did the women in the movie had to support one another but their significant others were supportive as well. Everyone played their part. It didn’t make the men in the movie weak but made them look strong & every woman’s dream.


3) Back in those days, they knew when to speak up. In other words they kept their heads down to do work but when they decided to break social norms & speak up they were heard. Unlike today we have so much noise due to social media that no one hears anyone. Back then when you spoke up it made a difference around you. Today we just scroll on pass.

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What were your thoughts on the movie? Have you seen the movie? Do you plan on seeing it? After hearing about the movie did you do any research on the women? What did you find? Share all that & more in the comments below.