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Indy native and R&B stunner Tiara Thomas has delivered all of her emotion on seven self-assured tracks that make up her latest EP, FWMM (which stands for Fucking With My Mind). This latest EP is a follow up to her 2017’s Don’t Mention My Name.

In a recent post, HotNewHipHop.com described FWMM as a “sultry R&B that’s perfect for late night’s,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Thomas told Noisey.Vice.com that she decided to name it FWMM, because she feels she is inside her head a lot.

Via Noisey.Vice.com

“I live inside my head a lot. I like it. I think my head is really interesting. I think people that date me are like, “woah I’ve never dated anybody like you before because you’re kind of weird, with the way you think about things.” You know, I’m in my head alot about a lot of shit. And so that’s why I decided to call the EP Fucking With My Mind. And I think I was really honest with it. It’s fun and it’s sexy and its vibey, but I’ve got serious songs like “I Need.”

Born and raised in Indiana, Thomas recently ventured around the US and outside the country when she joined H.E.R. on their North American tour in 2017 and again for a few shows in Europe.

According to HotNewHipHop.com, we can start looking out for her forthcoming video for ‘I Need’ which is a featured single on FWMM. 

In the meantime, be sure to stream and listen to Thomas’s new EP FWMM, which is available on all digital and streaming platforms.

SOURCE: HotNewHipHop.comNoisey.Vice.com| IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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