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If you come for the king, you better not miss, right?

Coming for the king on the court is senseless, but LeBron James has more to lose in the courtroom.  And according to TMZ, James is being sued for allegedly stealing an idea for a TV show. Adventure Enterprises is saying in a lawsuit that it pitched a show to James called “Shop Talk,” where celebrities talk about their success and chop it up while getting haircuts.

The company claims it had several meetings with James’ UNINTERRUPTED about the idea, and talks continued over the course of two years. This resulted in even coming up with a strategy on how to pitch the concept to networks. Talks ceased but a show called “The Shop,” that featured LeBron and other celebs talking about life’s experiences aired on ESPN.

Adventure Enterprises says it spoke to UNINTERRUPTED about the airing of the show and got not only an apology but were also assured that it wouldn’t happen again…

… but soon after another episode aired on ESPN.

Adventure Enterprises wants an injunction that will prohibit James and his team from creating any more episodes, and also wants a sizable payout.  This adds yet another spin to the story. A few weeks ago news of the UNINTERRUPTED media group being involved in a possible lawsuit with the University of Alabama— the Crimson Tide football team has a show called “Shop Talk” that’s eerily similar to “The Shop”— began to surface.

The 33-year-old superstar then threatened Coach Nick Saban, who hosted the University Of Alabama’s show, with legal action because he believes he owns the rights to the concept of people talking in a barbershop. Saban completely disagrees, citing that there are “20 barbershop-type things” he’s seen on TV and that the idea is nothing new. Now that legal action has been pursued by a third party, things could get messy really quickly for both James and Saban.

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